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Crunching Carrots, Not Candy

Crunching Carrots, Not Candy was the first book written and published by the author/illustrator. CCNC is an easy, fun, and educational book to help each child and their parents learn how to eat healthy, read a food label, engage in physical activities in a bilingual format of English and Spanish.

The CCNC book can also dual as a language tool, developing a broader vocabulary in both languages.

*** Voted one of the top 100 books for educators in 2007 in a poll by National Education Association.

This is a great book to introduce children to the basics of good nutrition. I learned a lot, too! I bought a few to give to my relatives.

Calvin Yost

In 2002 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported an increase in child obesity (6-11 year olds) by 16% in boys and 14.5% in girls. This brings the total number of overweight children in the US to over 30%. Using the Body Mass Index (BMI) of these 30% who are overweight, 15.5 % are considered obese. Furthermore, the CDC found that children from minority populations (Latinos, Blacks, and Native Americans) are more prevalent to obesity (

It is no wonder many books on child nutrition are coming out. One local writer and teacher, J.A Slack, has written a wonderful book on child nutrition, Crunching Carrots Not Candy, specifically for children. Its language is clear and simple to understand and is divided into color groups. She writes that ‘5 a day the Color Way’ was established “by the National Cancer Society and the Produce for Better Health Foundation…to encourage all children and their families to eat 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables every day for good and better health” (pg. 3). She also has a chapter on fiber and healthy snacks.

It is now clear that being overweight or obese leads to greater health risks. The CDC reports that from 1992 to 1994 the percent, type 2 diabetics skyrocketed from 4% to 16%. Asthma, hypertension and sleep apnea are also common health effects that can develop from being overweight or obese. Orthopedic complications are common as the excess weight can lead to “bowing and overgrowth of leg bones” ( Socially, children who are overweight or obese are stigmatized which may lead to other disorders such as eating disorders.

Schools and families should work together to provide healthier lifestyles for children. As a teacher and a mother, Slack knows firsthand about children’s eating habits and thinks children need to develop healthier eating habits if they are to lead healthier adult lives. She includes a chapter on exercise called “Get Moving!” that provides great examples of fun activities children can do such as roller blade and dance.

I found the book to be a great resource not only for children but adults. There are many aspects of nutrition that adults do not understand such as calories and good fats versus bad fats. Slack explains the difference between a serving and a portion of food, calories and how to read nutrition facts labels.

Crunching Carrots Not Candy is also written in Spanish for the growing Latino community. You can order the book directly from the author at, and check out her health links.

Alejandra Juárez

Willy and the Winchester Motorcycle

The Willy and the Winchester Motorcycle book is a delightful and refreshing book for young readers in middle school and above. Meeting Willy’s supportive parents and friends in their community, observing Willy’s dedication to completing his homework, and learning the creative way Willy presents his assignment all add up to a story that delivers positive values for young people. The Winchester Motorcycle is a real part of American history and Willy’s story also provides a glimpse of the many motorcycles designed and produced around the world during that time period.

My wife and I enjoyed the “Willy” book. It is a well-finished little book. Top quality paper, vibrant colors, and such attractive illustrations… not to mention the clear and accurate reproductions of the various vintage motorcycles. Very skillfully interwoven into the text are subtle suggestions in respect to nutrition. It is a very praiseworthy product.

Paul Watts, Clovis, CA

I have enjoyed reading and rereading Willy and the Winchester Motorcycle. Judy Slack did a very fine job of illustrating and making the subject matter interesting, even to non-riders. This book is a quick read, with a good bit of historical information. It’s a great gift for any friend who likes to ride motorcycles and is keen on knowing some motorcycle history.

Valerie B. Doherty

Crunching & Munching the Alphabet

Crunching & Munching the Alphabet is not just another ABC book. It is a fun little learning book for kids. The content exposes young children to healthy fruits and veggies along with helping them to recognize letters and colors. By sharing this information with kids…parents and teachers will encourage the enjoyment of reading and offer the knowledge needed for learning about healthy foods.

Crunching and Munching the Alphabet is displayed with colorful illustrations of healthy fruits and vegetables to attract the attention of young children. It also includes playful poetry to introduce each page in a fun way. It’s a book for children as well as adults to enjoy reading.

Bette Yerby-Harry

Color Me Wholesome

Color Me Wholesome is an entertaining and educational coloring-activity book for kids and parents. CMW offers easy-to-color fruit and veggie illustrations, alphabet letters, meal ideas, exercise information, drawing opportunities, a fun word search, and a dot-to-dot page. “Color Me Wholesome” activities are important in developing skills in critical thinking, eye-hand coordination, concentration, and recognition. In addition, the activities build and encourage pride, self-confidence, and creativity. “Color Me Wholesome” is a must-have book, packed with engaging activities!

Being a person raised on a farm and having an interest in creating art, I find “Color Me Wholesome” very engaging. My young son and I enjoy coloring each page of the alphabet, discussing the fruits and veggie that coordinate with the alphabet letters. The fruits and veggies are labeled to strengthen his reading ability. This book is great way for my son and I to participate in the learning process in a simple and fun way. I highly recommend this book.

Elizabeth Fontana

The Purse Curse

Whether you are 9 or 90, you will enjoy reading this fun and whimsical book about the dilemma and curse (of buying and owning) a Purse… “a necessity that is hard to live with and hard to live without.

Although, I’m not a person who indulges in purses, jewelry, or makeup, I can find the humor and reality of
The Purse Curse. Some thought went into the dialog as well as the illustrations! GOOD JOB!

Michele Bennett

A Lady In A Hat

A Lady In A Hat Book is filled with 46 pages of ladies in hats for many reasons and many seasons. Most of the hats the reader will identify, and some hats will be silly and strange. It will make the reader realize that we do live within a world of hat. Sooner or later all ladies will wear hats. This book was inspired by Kate Middleton when she married into the royal family. English Women wear the majority of hats and this was a fun subject to write and illustrate
How many hats do you wear?

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Fletcher’s Flea Market Fantasy

Fletcher’s Flea Market Fantasy will have the reader traveling the flea market circuit searching for Fletcher’s friends. It will keep the reader moving and wondering but in the end there will be a big surprise for all. Come join Fletcher for an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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Luna and Ray

Luna and Ray are two heavenly friend. One existing by day and the other by night. Once in a blue moon they will cross paths but usually they are on their own side of the planet Earth. Luna and Ray each have separate duties to which they tend and that is what makes the world go round.

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Packing A Nutritional Punch

A guide of healthy food choices for teens, parents, and teachers

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