Crunching Carrots, NOT Candy

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CCNC is A Fun Nutritional Picture Book For Kids , written to help make “Crunching Carrots, NOT Candy” easy, fun and educational.  CNC is presented in a bilingual format of English and Spanish to assist children and their parents in learning and making healthy food choices and encouraging an active lifestyle. Crunching Carrots, NOT Candy is also a great language learning tool for child and adults alike.

As an advocate of education for the betterment of society and with a passion for healthy living, Slack chose this pertinent issue to research and write.  As a layman in nutrition, she sought out the expert knowledge of multiple medical institution, researchers, medical professionals and dietitians to compile CCNC.


“A nutritional experience…  educational, yet presented in a fun, interactive, and colorful way.”

– Diane Wilkerson
Home Economics Teacher

“As a Registered Dietitian, I found this children’s book to be accurate, containing sound and timely nutritional advice.”

– L. Renee Harris, MS RD

“CCNC has touched on the key elements to help children build a foundation for an ultimate healthy lifestyle – good food choices and exercise.”

– Kay Lambert, LVN

“…language friendly and healthy benefits. This colorful book has an engaging style that encourages youth to read on and learn as they turn each page again and again.”

– Cathy Thornhill
Elementary Teacher

“Developing good eating habits early in life results in healthier bodies and healthier teeth…this book is an excellent step in that direction.”

– David E Woodhams, DDS

More books have been written and published following the success of CCNC.   These children’s books vary in content. All of the books are featured in the CCNC library on this website for you to review and enjoy.  Check out what this website has to offer since it has been updated with new information.

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